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Count On Us Ltd to Merge with Sky High Plc

Clearview Traffic Group Ltd are pleased to announce the proposed merger of its Count On Us traffic survey and market research arm with Sky High Plc. This merger sees Clearview Traffic Group taking a significant equity stake in Sky High Plc, with representation on the board of the merged company.

Sir John Madejski, Chairman of Clearview Traffic Group Ltd is clearly pleased with this move, saying “This proposed merger is a very positive step for both companies and enables the Count On Us business to continue to grow within a singularly focused, service oriented organisation. By retaining an interest in the merged company, Clearview Traffic will have access to new market channels and develop an effective strategic partnership with Sky High Plc that will be to the mutual benefit of both organisations in the UK and worldwide.”

Nick Lanigan, Managing Director of Clearview Traffic Group, comments “ We welcome the opportunity to work more closely with Sky High Plc and foresee that this alliance will help shape future product development plans as Clearview Traffic concentrate on the delivery of the next generation of Astucia and Golden River Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) products and solutions. The ITS market is evolving at a rapid pace towards a connected future, where traffic monitoring infrastructure is beginning to interact directly with drivers and their vehicles and Clearview Traffic are working on an ambitious roadmap to be at the forefront of this change.”

Author: |Date Published: February 2012

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