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Covid19 Update - Company Statement

As Covid19 impacts everyone’s lives across the country and world, here at Clearview we continue to monitor the developing situation to ensure our employees, customers and suppliers remain safe and healthy.

The increasing impact of the pandemic has been seen in all industries and countries including the highways industry. Through no fault of their own, we are beginning to see specific parts of our supply chain struggle to service new orders in the short term. We know this is temporary and is totally understandable given the current climate and the wish for everyone to protect their employees.

For Clearview, it is business as usual as much as is possible and we are fully committed to service our ongoing contracts and customers.

In order to provide continuing levels of service, we ask that any new enquiries and requests are sent to the below email address. This will allow us to prioritise work and ensure the most efficient use of available resources we have at our disposal.

Please contact us via:

Be safe and healthy.

Author: Andrew R |Date Published: March 2020

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