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Golden River Traffic renews 5 year contract for DBFO Project

Golden River Traffic (GRT), part of Clearview Traffic Group Ltd, has renewed a 5 year contract with Sheppey Route Limited to maintain the road traffic monitoring system on the A249 Stockbury to Sheerness. The Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) project road comprises of the A249 trunk road between the Stockbury junction on the M2 (junction 5) and Sheerness Docks on the Isle of Sheppey, a total length of 10.56 miles (17km). The southern portion of the road from the M2 to the crossing of The Swale was improved to dual 2 lane all-purpose standard and was opened to traffic in 1996.

Previously the only road access to the Isle of Sheppey was via the existing A249 trunk road, which is carried by a lifting bridge over The Swale estuary. This bridge also carries the only railway link between the mainland and the island. Since marine traffic on the Swale has right of way, considerable delays were caused to road traffic when the bridge was raised. The high level Swale Crossing eliminates the delays, improving access to the Isle of Sheppey and fostering improved and sustainable growth area.

Golden River Traffic has been working on this project alongside Sheppey Route Limited since 2004 and has recently been awarded the renewal of the contract for another 5 years for being both proactive in the maintenance of the project and delivering to the expected levels of data accuracy and reliability. Nick Humby, General Manager at Sheppey Route Ltd. states “Since 2006 when the PFI Contract went ‘Operational’, Golden River Traffic have provided, on the whole, an excellent service both from the Head Office and locally with Engineering Staff responding to issues on site. They have worked hard to address problems and come up with proposals to address issues that we encountered in the first few years.”

The traffic monitoring system is an integrated solution that comprises a number of count and classification and speed measurement points using a range of technologies. Since 2006 Clearview Traffic Group Ltd. has proactively monitored the system to find ways to enhance performance and have delivered several upgrades that minimise downtime and assure the continued timely delivery of the key data essential to securing correct funding via the agreed HA payment mechanism.

Golden River Traffic actively manage this project, reducing congestion and increasing the reliability of road user journey times, by classified vehicle counts for each link and collating the average speed over 2 sections. Highlighting our vision of working in close partnership with our customers to achieve this end, Nick Humby affirms “The GRT team has always reacted quickly to requests for information and provided excellent support when the equipment or processes have failed to operate in their designed manner. GRT have developed a successful relationship with the DBFO Team from SRL Ltd and the O&M Contractor, Carillion Highway Maintenance.”

Author: |Date Published: January 2012

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