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Green light for Clearview Traffic

The award, presented by the Sunday Times, sets out to identify and celebrate the achievements of the top 60 British businesses that are striving to improve environmental performance.

This accolade is recognition of the work undertaken by Clearview Traffic in improving both its own environmental standards and of the development of innovative products and services which can be used by Local Authorities in minimising their impact on the environment.

Green road safety

The Astucia SolarLite road stud is a prime example of the innovative green products developed by the team at the Clearview Traffic Group. This future looking development of the traditional retro-reflective road stud uses solar power to illuminate an integral LED light source which not only increases night time visibility to ten times that offered by a traditional road stud and thus reduces accidents by around 70%; but is also being successfully used in streetlight switch off initiatives and in the increasing number of areas where there is a requirement to minimise the use of energy hungry street lighting.

A 3 year street light switch off trial which focuses on rural areas was started in 2007 by Buckinghamshire County Council, so far this project which includes Astucia SolarLite studs to help ensure road safety for drivers, is shown to be saving around 90 tonnes of carbon each year.

The use of Astucia studs are also helping to reduce the amount of traditional lighting being installed on a number of cycle paths around the UK including in Bristol and Cambridge. This helps to provide cyclists with a view of the path without creating additional ambient lighting that contributes to carbon emissions and light pollution.

Green Traffic Management

The Golden River brand within Clearview Traffic is also making optimal use of technology in order to reduce the environmental impact of Traffic Management work. The most iconic product within the Golden River portfolio is the TPole, a solar powered traffic counter which can be seen beside many UK roads. This energy efficient product provides the Highways Agency and Authorities with vital traffic information and combined with the development of GPRS data collection means that fewer engineer visits to sites are required, again reducing carbon emissions. The use of hosted data services including remote fault monitoring is also being employed to reduce all but essential travel.

Green company initiatives

Clearview Traffic is working a number of organisations including the British Standards Institute to implement an Environmental Management System to ISO 14001;2004 and with the Carbon Trust to introduce a number of green initiatives throughout the business. This includes active involvement in the WEEE and batteries and accumulators directives, reducing lighting, employing fuel efficient company vehicles and even seemingly simple measures including waste recycling as well as ensuring electrical equipment is turned off each night and promoting green travel initiatives with a number of local workers cycling to the office on a regular basis.

The entry to the Best Green Companies Awards is fully backed by Sir John Madejski OBE DL DLitt, major company shareholder of the Clearview Traffic Group, who has an active interest in the environmental benefits offered by the companies products and services.

On receipt of the award, Commercial Director Andrew Burton commented; "we are delighted to be included in the Best Green Companies List 2010 as recognition of our approach to green issues. The awards process included surveying our staff members to measure engagement with environmental initiatives, this great result shows that the entire organisation is focused on being green in its actions."

Author: |Date Published: June 2012

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