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Illuminating Success - Over 70,000 Astucia Road Studs Installed

From motorways to cycle paths Clearview Traffic Group have now installed over 70,000 Astucia active flush and surface mounted road studs in the UK and many more worldwide. The Astucia intelligent road studs remain the only fully type approved active road studs in the UK.
Clearview Traffic Group has been involved in numerous road stud installation projects across all road types in the UK. This includes over 4,500 Astucia Road Studs on the M25 motorway between junction 6 and the Clacket Lane Services and over 7000 studs at junctions 3-6 on the M40. The M20 has benefitted from the installation of 4000 studs on the previously unlit section between junctions 8 and 9. In addition over 21,000 studs have been installed across the A2 and A20 trunk routes in Kent. These roads along with many others have now benefitted from this smart, safe sustainable product providing guidance to drivers via enhanced delineation during the hours of darkness.

The Astucia SolarLite products offer a range of solar powered road studs to suit a wide variety of requirements. With both embedded and surface mounted products, they are the only type approved active road stud in the UK.

Driving at night can be particularly hazardous, currently in the UK every day there are over five fatalities every day and whilst only one third of journeys are made during the hours of darkness it accounts for nearly half the killed or serious injury accidents. Primarily used for reducing the potential for accidents at known blackspots, especially in rural areas, where up to 70% reductions have been realised, the Astucia active studs are now becoming more familiar as an additional safety benefit in areas without street lighting. Typically at locations where street lighting is either unavailable, being reduced, not cost effective or environmentally not possible. The recent installation on the M6 in Staffordshire for example is to mitigate the risk of lorry drivers, who have reached this location on the long drive from Dover, falling asleep on this unlit section of motorway.
The flush profile of the SolarLite stud, at less than 4mm, ensures they are unobtrusive to bicycle wheels making them ideal for cycle paths. They have been installed in and around the UK on many cycle paths including:
Exeter, Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Edinburgh and Dundee. They have also been installed on cycle paths as far afield as Australia. The SolarLite studs have proven instrumental in increasing the adoption of these cycle routes, allowing more people to participate in a healthier lifestyle whilst also increasing their safety along these paths.

Author: |Date Published: October 2012

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