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Important M100 firmware and TrafficDOT updates for all users

If you have previously purchased or are part of a maintenance team using our M100 wireless vehicle detection system, then it is important to keep your TrafficDOT configuration software up to date and ensure the latest M100 system firmware is installed.

Following the introduction of our 2nd Generation ‘Flex’ Access Points to the market last year, as shown in the below images, it is strongly advised to only connect to M100 Access Point models (both AP-240 & Flex variants) using the latest TrafficDOT version available. The latest version is currently 2.14.10 and is available on our Clearview Intelligence resources webpage at the following link.

If you either connect to or configure sensors on these Access Points using a historic version of TrafficDOT software (version 2.14.2 or earlier) you run a risk of corrupting Access Point functionality. To update your software simply download the latest version at the above link and follow the on-screen instructions. It is good practice to update this software annually.

Additionally, we have updated our M100 system firmware ZIP file on our webpage at the above link. We recommend updating all M100 system firmware (Access Points, Repeaters & M100 sensors) as part of your next scheduled periodic inspection on-site to maximise product life and ensure that your M100 systems are operating smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Please note that there are different Access Point firmware versions based on the model you have. These are indicated in the images below:

  • M110 Access Point 1st Gen (AP-240)
  • Firmware file: AP_240_1.8.16.jffs2
  • M110 Access Point 2nd Gen (Flex-AP)
  • Firmware file: AP_Flex_3.0.11.0_arm.ipk.gpg

We have listed step-by-step instructions on how to update your M100 system firmware in the following link.

If you would like any product support regarding updating firmware files for your M100 system, we are available on our technical helpline: 01908 088007.

Author: Rachel F |Date Published: March 2020

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