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Increasing Night Time Road Safety on the M20

UK road accidents have increased by 3 per cent, from 1,850 in 2010 to 1,901 in 2011, just under half of all fatalities were car occupants.* In light of these increased fatality figures many local governments and councils are looking for different ways to invest in making the UK’s roads safer for all road users. Recognising that driver visibility decreases in the hours of darkness and can impact greatly on road casualty figures, Clearview Traffic Group Ltd were commissioned to install over 4,000 Astucia SolarLite Road Studs on the M20 Junctions 8 to 9 between Ashford and Maidstone.

The scheme is located on both carriageways of the M20, between junctions 8 and 9 as this part of the motorway lacks street lighting, consequently increasing the potential risk for night time accidents. The project involved upgrading the existing road markings and road studs to address the high number of collisions recorded in the dark and wet conditions. The existing traditional retro-reflective studs, many of which had become faulty, were removed to a licensed recycling/waste disposal facility and replaced with over 4000 Astucia SolarLite Road Studs.

Astucia road studs have demonstrated that they can form the future of traffic safety by providing enhanced safety for road users reducing night time casualties by up to 70%. The M20 installation joins other equally vital and environmentally conscious installations already seen on the A20 in the county fondly know as the Garden of England.

Unforeseen challenges with the super hard concrete road surface required a change of tooling and approach to mobilise additional workers at short notice and thanks largely to the pro-active actions of our UK installations partner, Lochwynd Ltd, we were still able to deliver the installation on time and to a very high standard, ensuring that the customer was delighted with the end result and that road users did not experience any further disruption than was planned.
The local communities will benefit significantly from the Astucia SolarLite Road Studs as they will witness calmer, more responsible driving and see a decrease in the number of collisions on this previously unlit section of road. This marks the latest in a growing number of motorway installations where the Astucia studs are really proven to be second to none in terms of their safety record.

*Department for Transport Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Main Results 2011

Author: |Date Published: October 2012

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