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IRS2 Hardwired Road Studs gains UK Department for Transport Type Approval

Clearview Traffic Group is proud to announce we have extended our Astucia range of fully UK Type Approved active road studs, having received formal notification of Type Approval from the UK Department for Transport (DfT) to now include the IRS2 hardwired intelligent road stud. We remain the only company to have gained such Type Approval from the DfT for our range of active road studs.
Originally conceived to meet the requirements of the Hindhead Tunnel project, the IRS2 road studs had to meet the stringent set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements for the purposes of carrying out road tests in accordance with the provisions of British Standard BS EN 1463-1:2000 (as required by draft Standard BS EN 1463-3 pt2) on the Trunk Road at Hindhead Tunnel.

To complete the Type Approval process, the Astucia IRS2 Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs then had to undergo a 12 month endurance trial to prove their robustness and durability whilst deployed in the road. The DfT agreed that the trial for type approval could be carried out as part of the installation within the A3 Hindhead Tunnel project in Surrey.
So, in October 2010, Astucia successfully installed 868 Hardwired Bi-Directional studs split equally between the 2 tunnel bores. Each bore has 2 lanes and there are 64 independent strings and 36 controllers. The Bi-Directional road studs have been developed with a shallower profile than previous studs and are positioned every 4.5 metres between the white central line markings.
The innovative and flexible design of Astucia Hardwired Road Studs incorporates the latest advances in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to provide drivers with superior lane delineation and advance awareness of the road layout ahead, giving them more time to react accordingly.

The studs not only provide superior lane delineation with all the safety benefits, but also facilitate dynamic lane marking both at the entrances and within the bores of the tunnel themselves, giving operators the flexibility they require to maximise the safe and smooth continuous flow of traffic to effectively increase the road capacity at this critical arterial road. This enabled them to achieve the original objectives of easing congestion and smoothing the traffic flow around Hindhead and the surrounding area, whilst also greatly reducing the environmental impact by pollution resulting from queuing traffic.

The IRS2 Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs join the Astucia SolarLite range of solar powered road studs as being the only range of UK Type Approved active road studs on the market today, clear evidence of our continued commitment to improving road safety, keeping traffic moving and saving lives.

Author: |Date Published: April 2013

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