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M210 Logging Stud Goes Global

Clearview Traffic offers a unique and innovative solution for planners and road operators across the globe looking for a low cost vehicle counting solution for both permanent and occasional data collection. Whichever continent you may reside, the M210 solar powered logging stud provides accurate count information in a simple self-contained unit that can be installed quickly and easily, thus minimising costs, saving valuable time and most importantly disruption with installation and on-going maintenance costs.

The simple in-road counting stud has established worldwide recognition through a number of successful installations spanning Europe, USA and Australasia. From visitor car parks at country parks and permanent car park counting at shopping malls, to monitoring vehicle flow at Recycling Centres alongside more complex data collection of traffic volume in capital cities, to whole provinces across vast landscapes. The M210 logging stud has such multipurpose usage and is simple, affordable and effective giving it such global acclaim.

By combining our extensive expertise with a range of technologies including solar energy harvesting, low power radio communications and magnetometer based vehicle detection, the M210 can be deployed in an array of different applications. A range of recent installations has given us global recognition of the M210 in different applications throughout the world, the first being in one of Europe’s key capital cities, Amsterdam.

The Department of Infrastructure Traffic and Transport in Amsterdam, Holland historically used ad hoc temporary surveys deploying tube and radar counters across multiple locations several times a year to give them a snap shot picture of their traffic flow. However, these repeat temporary caused significant disruption and frustration for road users during installation and was becoming quite costly. Seeing the chance to become more cost effective, the city have now deployed 130 of the M210 logging studs that are able to collect data 24/7 365 days a year and offer the ability to provide additional data outside the existing contractual agreement without incurring any further installation costs. This has helped gain valuable insight into traffic movements surrounding major events that take place in the City such as when the new King was sworn in during April 2013 and has resulted in a number of subsequent installations.

In New South Wales, Australia, the Roads and Maritime Service wanted to establish a more complete picture of traffic flows in and out of the region. Over 450 studs have now been installed across the province with more planned. Following extensive testing and on-road trials by the Road Authority in NSW, the major advantages of the M210 logging stud over other technology shone through including solar power, zero maintenance and the capacity to store over 12 months of data.

Across the pond, Stones River Mall in Tennessee, USA is a fantastic example of the logging studs being used in a retail environment to gain reliable data capture at a fraction of the cost of other traditional traffic counting devices. In a country where customer service and satisfaction is of upmost importance, the Mall operators were in search of an effective way to count traffic volumes at multiple entrances to the mall. The M210 logging stud provided a long term, zero maintenance and cost effective solution that met their requirements and exceeded expectation. Since the installation of the 10 logging studs in January 2012, Stones River Mall has reported 98% count accuracy and minimal data collection trips. This has allowed the Mall to make further improvements to traffic flow in and out of the shopping complex and determine how many visitors it receives daily.

Closer to home, the M210 logging stud has been used for a variety of applications in the British Isles. Perth & Kinross Council in Scotland was keen to adopt the studs at 7 of their key recycling centres across the region in April 2013. Data captured has given them the opportunity to monitor peaks and troughs in demand as well as general trends and popularity of the 7 sites, enabling the Council to better respond to demand, ensuring sufficient staffing levels and manpower at each site. Ultimately, this has resulted in cost savings, more efficiently run centres and better traffic flows around the immediate area. The success of the scheme has led to the roll out being extended to the final 2 centres to enable improved analysis and data capture across all sites to measure trends and popularity collectively.

Guernsey has seen one of the most recent deployments of the M210 at ten locations across the island at the end of 2013, which resulted in minimal disruption to the island’s road network and reduced the deployment of additional equipment. The studs are proving to be a great success and are providing accurate and readily downloadable data from all ten sites and have now given the island of Guernsey a reliable traffic counting system from which they will benefit greatly going forward.

The M210 logging stud has proved to be an extremely useful product to count vehicles in and out of temporary car parks. This has been adopted by The Environment Agency of Northern Ireland who installed the studs at numerous visitor car parks at Country Parks across the region in order to gather data on a regular basis to present to the regional councils to give an accurate idea of numbers visiting each park at any given time.

Wayne Stant, Head of Product & Marketing at Clearview Traffic says of the product, “These installations go a long way to demonstrating the remarkable versatility of this simple product and the impact it can have in ensuring that operators get the depth of data they need and want at a price they can afford. The M210 is a rising star that challenges the status quo and offers an attractive alternative to temporary surveys and traditional loop based permanent counters in many applications.”

Author: |Date Published: February 2014

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