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Measuring the benefits of flexible Journey Time Monitoring

November 28th 2018 / Jemma C/ Links: Network Management Journey Time Monitoring Traffic Flow Monitoring

A new journey time monitoring system that can be set up in minutes to generate automatic traffic alerts for temporary and permanent routes has been launched by Clearview Intelligence.

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Improved traffic function at hospital junction

November 6th 2018 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety Junction Safety Network Management

An innovative scheme integrating wireless vehicle detection traffic signals, vehicle activated signs (VAS) and a hurry call system has reconfigured a hospital junction to address safety concerns and assist ambulance response times.

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New smart road lights prevent lane drifting at motorway junction

October 9th 2018 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety Dynamic Lane Marking

Smart lights in the road surface which help drivers stay in the correct lane have been introduced for the first time at a major motorway junction.

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See the benefits of enhanced delineation

September 28th 2018 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety

A collection of videos promoting the visible benefits of SolarLite Road Studs compared to their retro-reflective counterparts has been released ahead of the clocks changing next month (October).

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Studs in the road show award-winning credentials

August 22nd 2018 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation

Momentum is gathering for an innovative road safety scheme after the project was shortlisted for its second national award in as many weeks.

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Spotlight shines on LED road stud scheme

August 2nd 2018 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Dynamic Lane Marking

A Clearview Intelligence route safety scheme which uses SolarLite Active LED Road Studs to “revolutionise” safety on a major trunk road through Scotland has been shortlisted for a national transport industry award.

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One year on and TMT2 is proving a real success

January 23rd 2018 / Andrew R/ Links: Network Management Traffic Flow Monitoring Ramp Metering MIDAS

One year on from being awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service’s Traffic Management Technology 2 (TMT2) framework Clearview Intelligence is enjoying the results of being part of the easier procurement process.

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Clearview Intelligence launches new ROI Calculators for road safety initiatives

November 30th 2017 / Michelle C/ Links: Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Dynamic Lane Marking Pathway Guidance Queue Protection Cycle Safety Speed Compliance

As firsts of their kind, two free to use ROI calculators have been developed by Clearview Intelligence to assist road safety and network managers in quantifying the benefits of road safety schemes.

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UK failing to embrace innovation to tackle road safety, finds survey

November 14th 2017 / Andrew R/ Links: Route Safety

Clearview Intelligence presents insight into road safety innovation at Highways UK. Today, a new survey of delegates at the UK’s premier highway event Highways UK, attended by 2,000 road-safety professionals, reveals attitudes towards adopting new technologies in an effort to improve safety on UK roads.

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