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Swiss success secures additional order of the M680 system

The M680 loop classifier system, part of Clearview Traffic’s Golden River ITS product range delivers precise, reliable and impressive download data with rapid response times. With a number of options available the product can be configured by the systems integrator or the user for most traffic monitoring applications using inductive loops.

The Canton of Neuchâtel, region of Switzerland have been users of the original Golden River M660 units for many years and have subsequently placed an initial order for the latest generation M680 SWISS10 scheme units based on their success record and application usage to date in this Swiss region. The new units will work in tandem with existing M660 units to conduct half-permanent loop surveys, whilst the original M660 units will now conduct tube only based surveys, solely focussing on this form of data collection.

The Authorities will also have the ability to collect data locally from the units through an additional serial port used with an external laptop, enabling quick and efficient data collation.

The Canton of Neuchatel opted for another Clearview Traffic solution due to the successful use and installation of the incumbent product and also the ability to enable data to be classified according to the SWISS10 classification scheme. This scheme is the official classification requirement in Switzerland adopted by road authorities through OFROU.

The product is being supplied and installed through Clearview Traffic’s Swiss distribution partner Taxomex based in Dietikon (Zurich). Andrew Burton, International Sales Director for Clearview Traffic Group says of the win, “Taxomex are a long established partner of Clearview Traffic and this latest win is testament to their knowledge, experience and understanding of the Swiss market. We are already in discussions regarding subsequent orders to roll this product out further and look forward to more opportunities for the M680 throughout 2014.”

Author: |Date Published: February 2014

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