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Ultimate Precision with Wireless Detection, for Aberdeen City Council

Over the past few years, Aberdeen City Council had found that the average lifespan of the inductive loop could be as little as three to five years. The primary causes of failure were identified as typically being damaged from road works or degradation of aging road surfaces. The method of inductive loop repair can also create lifespan issues and lead to premature failure.
Aberdeen City Council had been experiencing these issues at a number of locations. With limited and reduced budgets, the Council knew that they needed to find a more suitable solution. Their primary drivers were to look for a more cost effective detection method that would significantly reduce the ongoing lifetime costs associated with inductive loop replacement, as well as providing a solution that would minimise disruption to road users and impact on the local economy. They selected the Golden River M100 Wireless Detection system as offering the best fit for them.
The council’s first deployment of M100 systems on eight junctions across Aberdeen was implemented in May 2011. Since this time, these have proved to be both accurate and reliable. As a result, the M100 system has been rolled out across a further 30 junctions in and around the Aberdeen area, enabling the Council to eliminate the maintenance cost burden and road user disruption associated with regular replacement or repair of traditional loop based detection.

Each compact M100 sensor is typically installed in the middle of a traffic lane where it detects the presence and passage of vehicles and communicates this information wirelessly to the traffic signal controller via an access point and contact closure card. To date, the M100 system is still the only solution compatible with all major traffic signal controllers and is fully TR2512A Typed Approved.
Whilst inductive loops clearly have a place in specific applications and we remain a key player in this market, Clearview Traffic Group Ltd have continually demonstrated that the M100 offers a high performing, robust alternative that dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership as well as extending the overall operating life of traffic signal installations. As a leading wireless vehicle detection technology, it is a key strand of our on-going strategy and has a number of applications that we will continue to develop and explore over the coming years.

Author: |Date Published: February 2013

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