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In comparison to the more “functional” or more sociable areas of the workplace, such as kitchens or canteens, the employee car park is basic and fundamental. Yet it can have major implications for the appointment and retention of staff as well as optimising business productivity.

We undertook a survey to find out how important workplace parking is to employees and the implications it can have on their day-to-day and future roles within a company. See below for the results:

How long is your commute to work?

Although a commute of under 15 minutes was the most popular answer, 37 percent of respondents took more than 30 minutes to get to work.

Is employee parking provided at your workplace?

Whilst the majority of respondents did have employee parking provided at their place of work, only one third could guarantee a space upon arrival.


How far do you have to walk from the car park to your place of employment?

Almost 70 percent of employees parked within one minute of their building, but 31 percent had a walk of five minutes or more.

Is employee parking provided

Have you ever been late for work due to searching for a car parking space?

A third of those surveyed admitted that looking for a car parking space had made them late for work in the past.

Walking distance

How often has parking caused you challenges with getting to work on time?

Although the results of the previous question showed on third of drivers had been late for work due to searching for a parking space, almost two thirds (62 percent) admitted it had presented challenges with arriving to work on time.

Been late

Would free employee car parking influence your decision to accept a job?

More than three quarters (78 percent) of people said that free employee car parking would influence their decision to accept a job offer.


Would you be wiling to pay to guarantee a daily space?

Whilst two thirds of drivers had previously said they were unable to ensure a space upon arriving to work, a similar percentage said they would not be willing to pay to guarantee a space.

Job offer

Do you find car parking signage and guidance helpful when searching for a space?

There was overwhelming support for car parking signage and guidance, with three quarters of people saying they found it helpful.

Willing to pay

The results of the survey clearly indicate the importance of efficient workplace parking and the repercussions it can have. But for those who can relate to such issues, there is a solution.

At Clearview Intelligence we provide intelligent parking solutions that will guide employees to vacant parking spaces and collect data for parking operators. This can help you to identify trends such as peak times and locations to better manage the facility for staff.

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