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Clearview Intelligence products are the building blocks of your solution. Here you'll find spec sheets, manuals, relevant case studies and blog posts, to help you choose the right piece of kit.

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SolarLite F Series Flush Road Studs

Smart, safe and sustainable solar road studs, proven to increase night time road safety.

SolarLite S Series Surface Studs

Smart, safe and sustainable surface mounted solar road stud, proven to increase night time road safety.

IRS2 Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs

Customisable, highly visible in-road lighting systems that increase lane discipline, reducing accidents and collisions.

Insight Parking

An integrated solution designed to simplify the management, monitoring and analysis of parking assets.

Insight Count and Classify

An integrated traffic data intelligence solution to support accurate and timely decision-making by ITS professionals.

M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System

Accurate and easy to install wireless vehicle detection system for traffic signal control systems and vehicle detection.

M100BR Radar Bicycle Detector

Designed to detect the presence of a bicycle within a defined zone and differentiate it from other forms of traffic.

M210 Solar Powered Logging Stud

Cost effective standalone traffic counter that eliminates the need for mains power or roadside infrastructure.

M300 Bay Occupancy System

Provides an accurate, lower cost and easier to install alternative to other occupancy detection systems.

M500 Radar Counter

Ideal for carrying out a temporary traffic survey over an extended period of time.

M680 Vehicle Count and Classification

Accurately and reliably detects vehicles as they pass over inductive loops embedded in the road surface.

M720 Vehicle Count and Classification

Delivers unrivalled levels of accuracy and reliability in a standard 19" housing for flexible implementation.

M830 Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring System

Integrates with existing infrastructure to provide a cost-effective alternative for monitoring the flow of traffic.

MtPole Solar Panel Roadside Cabinet

Provides a secure robust housing for equipment and a reliable feed of solar energy from an integrated solar panel.

Managed Services from Clearview Intelligence

Finding a solution is just the beginning. Our teams can provide ongoing support for any application, from a simple extended warranty to a fully managed data service.