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Environmental considerations such as noise, air quality, weather status and road surface temperature can be useful data streams for road network operators. Data is used to help understand the wider impact of a live road network on the environment or equally the effect of environmental factors such as weather on the road network and driver behaviour. Clearview offers a complete solution of non-invasive environmental sensors which can be used in a variety of different applications to report directly to a data collection platform for remote user analysis.

AQMesh Air Quality Sensor

Clearview Intelligence has partnered with AQ Mesh to provide a durable, compact, outdoor air quality monitor to detect different parameters and gas pollutants that negatively impact air quality. As part of the solution, Clearview uses the environmental sensors that feed accurate data into our Insight™ platform, this can then be turned into actionable insights, in the form of reports, tables, or graphs.

AQMesh pods measure key pollutants in the surrounding air, using leading small sensor technology and proprietary data processing based on extensive global comparisons with reference data. Subsequently, the device combines a robust hardware platform that operates with wireless power and communicates using the contemporary LTE communications standard, including NB-IoT support, cloud-based data processing, and secure online access


  • Measurement of the key air quality parameters such as NO, NO2, NOx, O3, CO, SO2, H2S, TVOC, CO2, PM1, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10.
  • Support for up to 6 different gas sensors in a single device.
  • The device can easily support additional sensors such as pod temperature, pressure, humidity, noise, wind speed, and wind direction.
  • Can be powered using mains or solar
  • IP65 protected for dust and liquid
  • Operational temperature range: – 20 to + 40 °C
  • Operational humidity range: 15 to 95 % RH
  • Device supports Worldwide coverage 4G/5G, LTE Cat M1/NBIOT with 2G fallback


  • Multi-sensor mini air quality monitoring station.
  • Data secure and easily accessible through our Insight platform.
  • Cost effective solution compared to basic reference systems.
  • Innovative device used to increase air quality resolution citywide and provide air quality monitoring to identify hotspots and trends.
  • Superior gas measurement accuracy, compared to basic small sensor devices in the market.
  • Sustainable operation using solar power to reduce costs and support climate change objectives
  • Simplified design reducing learning curve and complexity of integration.

Insight Places

Smarter, Greener more Intelligent Places

As cities, towns and villages continue to grow, so do the challenges related to mobility, population, and the environment. Insight® Places from Clearview Intelligence is a centralised data collection, monitoring and analysis hub designed to provide authorities with the information they need to make accurate data-driven decisions. Through integrated sensors, the platform collects key data around people, transport and the environment.


  • Supports multiple data sets based on geographical area
  • Integrated dashboards, reports, API’s and heatmaps for simple or complex analysis
  • Integrated sensors with status monitoring and alerts


  • Utilising multuple data sets provides a more complete picture of a place for analysis
  • Multiple analytical tools that cater for a range of abilities and styles provides information to a broader audience
  • Single integrated system for data collection and analysis enables a better understanding of data quality