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Insight Count and Classify

An integrated data management solution designed to support accurate and timely decision-making by ITS professionals. Insight Count and Classify comes with a suite of tools focused on optimising service delivery and the effective use of the road capacity. Insight eases the burden of remote data collection, device management, data processing, reporting and analysis.

Insight count and classify software for ITS and traffic management


  • Intuitive wizard driven report creation tool
  • Integrated data collection utility offering real-time, scheduled and manual collections
  • Ability to data share with other systems via JSON & XML data feeds
  • Secure, responsive web based user interface with real-time data analysis
  • Highly customisable, user definable dashboard portal
  • An extensive range of graphical contextual viewing tools
  • E-mail, XMPP and browser alerts for device and data quality notifications
  • Data editing functions for patching and source editing with full backup and restore


  • Automated, efficient process for remote sensor data gathering
  • Readily transforms data into intelligence without human intervention
  • Personalised tailored view of captured intelligence enabling operators to act promptly
  • Drives intelligence sharing with other users and third party systems
  • Real-time access anywhere, anytime to inform decision making
  • Provides instant answers to complex questions about network or asset performance
  • Facilitates more efficient resource utilisation around deployment of traffic officers and maintenance engineers

The Insight Data Management platform is a scalable hosted service underpinning a range of targeted applications for traffic monitoring.

Insight shares several tools across all applications for ease of administration and the flexibility to deploy multiple applications and modules.

Roadside devices can be managed with ease using our secure web based interface. Insight Count and Classify supports the full range of Clearview Intelligence M600 and M700 series of count classifiers.

Insight Count and Classify collects data via GSM, GPRS and wired Ethernet communications. The integrated server based dial-up application provides for user defined schedules, manual dial-up, status updates and event logs. As data is received several control measures can be applied to verify the quality and validity of the data.

In keeping with Insight’s focus on ease of use and flexibility, the solution includes a set of the most commonly used count and classification reports. Reports can be modified or new ones created with the user friendly, yet powerful “report wizard”.

Insight Count and Classify builds on the core platform by providing a dedicated application for traffic monitoring all the way from managing and monitoring roadside equipment through to reporting and analytics.

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