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Insight Journey Time Monitoring

An online application that aids the monitoring, visualisation and analysis of traffic journey times. Removing the need to deploy sensors at the roadside, the application utilises crowdsourced data to deliver reliable and accurate journey time information.


  • Traffic speed and journey time using crowdsourced data
  • Interactive map with user definable colour-coded routes that change based on road speed
  • Feed journey time information and text to Variable Message Signs (VMS) from a single interface
  • Integrated alert system to identify journey time changes via email and dashboard
  • Extensive reporting tools with graphical output and heatmap analysis


  • Dashboard and email alerts notify changes in traffic flow reducing the need for 24x7 monitoring of roadworks for incidents or breakdowns
  • No hardware installation minimises set-up cost and road worker exposure
  • Highly flexible service enables routes to be implemented and start reporting journey times in minutes
  • Heatmaps, reports and graphs quickly identify potential pinch points
  • Graphical views provide at-a-glance analysis

Journey Time data is a critical asset in the road operators battle to keep the traffic flowing, reduce congestion and manage incidents on the road. This intelligence aids operators in analysing and identifying bottlenecks within the network, monitoring roadworks and informing drivers of free-flowing traffic or potential congestion spots to enable them to make informed decisions on the route they take.

The Insight Journey Time Monitoring application is a flexible solution that empowers road operators to monitor the flow of traffic on their network and respond accordingly. The system can be deployed quickly to manage events, roadworks, and associated diversions, allowing you to keep road users updated with mobile Variable Message Signs.

The extensive reporting system and traffic maps enable both live monitoring and historical analysis to better understand the road network. The ability to deploy and configure journey time monitoring routes on demand from the desktop provides options for short term surveys as well as longer term analysis.

The Insight Journey Time Monitoring application can be used to augment or replace other journey time monitoring systems on a permanent basis. As a crowdsource-based solution, it can be much more cost effective and flexible than systems based on hard infrastructure.

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