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Insight Parking

An integrated solution designed to simplify the management, monitoring and analysis of parking assets. Combined with a range of sensors and signs, Insight Parking provides a complete solution for all types of parking operators and environments.

Parking software solution designed to simplify parking management


  • Real-time application providing occupancy information for car parks and bays
  • Dynamic and manual operation of Variable Messaging Signs
  • Powerful roles and permissions system provides a tailored interface to a user’s role and restricts access where required
  • Cloud based web application designed for mobile first enables parking and security staff to view their site remotely and in real-time
  • Comprehensive set of web reports provide instant access to important data and the option to export to Excel for further analysis
  • Application Program Interfaces for quick and easy integration with 3rd party systems such as mobile applications


  • Event driven system ensures that key decisions can be made with the latest information available
  • Modular software and hardware solution provides multiple options to meet business needs and budgets
  • Designed for usability and multiple operational roles aids in reducing the time spent managing assets and people
  • Scalable architecture provides low cost entry point with ability to grow or large scale deployments from day one
  • Cloud based solution reduces IT support overhead and provides secure access anytime
  • Built in reports allow managers to access intelligence in various levels of granularity to meet their needs

Insight parking is a scalable, hosted service that underpins a range of applications for parking optimisation. Insight Parking has been designed to handle different operational roles across a multitude of locations, access to key functions and visibility of assets is controlled through a powerful permissions and roles module.

Real-time dashboards update instantly on receipt of data from sensors and signs ensuring the information presented is up-to-date and enabling informed decisions to be made. A modular approach allows operators to scale the solution as required by adding to the core occupancy and reporting tools. Additional modules are available for monitoring individual parking space availability and usage patterns from bay sensors and controlling the output of visual guidance information on Variable Messaging Signs (VMS).

Insight Parking includes a set of core reports designed to enable quick and easy access to vital parking management data. Reports are available for Site, Car Parks and Zones enabling managers to see performance from the top level and drill down into the detail where required. A simple interface means reports can be exported to Excel. The exported report includes formatting and formulas, reducing the time spent in making data easily digested and presentable.

The Application Program Interfaces (API) module features built-in documentation and test capabilities to enable third party system providers with a robust yet simple means to establish both push and pull data feeds to larger more complex, external systems.

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