Clearview Intelligence - Smart Mobility Solutions


Insight™ is our Smart Mobility platform and provides a suite of applications for the monitoring, management, reporting and analysis of multi-modal transport systems and associated environments. These include Count and Classification, Journey Time Monitoring and Parking. Utilising data from a variety of sources, including loT Sensors and API Services, Insight can be used standalone or as part of a Smart Cities platform.

Insight Count and Classify

Insight Device Monitor

The Insight Data Management platform is a scalable hosted service underpinning a range of targeted applications for traffic monitoring. Insight shares several tools across all applications for ease of administration and the flexibility to deploy multiple applications and modules.

Roadside devices can be managed with ease using our secure web based interface. Insight Count and Classify supports the full range of Clearview Intelligence M600 and M700 series of count classifiers.

Insight Count and Classify collects data via GSM, GPRS and wired Ethernet communications. The integrated server based dial-up application provides for user defined schedules, manual dial-up, status updates and event logs. As data is received several control measures can be applied to verify the quality and validity of the data.


  • Intuitive wizard driven report creation tool
  • Integrated data collection utility offering real-time, scheduled and manual collections
  • Ability to data share with other systems via JSON & XML data feeds
  • Secure, responsive web based user interface with real-time data analysis
  • Highly customisable, user definable dashboard portal
  • An extensive range of graphical contextual viewing tools
  • E-mail, XMPP and browser alerts for device and data quality notifications
  • Data editing functions for patching and source editing with full backup and restore

Features & Benefits

  • Automated, efficient process for remote sensor data gathering
  • Readily transforms data into intelligence without human intervention
  • Personalised tailored view of captured intelligence enabling operators to act promptly
  • Drives intelligence sharing with other users and third party systems
  • Real-time access anywhere, anytime to inform decision making
  • Provides instant answers to complex questions about network or asset performance
  • Facilitates more efficient resource utilisation around deployment of traffic officers and maintenance engineers


Insight Journey Time Monitoring

Insight journey time monitoring

Journey Time data is a critical asset in the road operators battle to keep the traffic flowing, reduce congestion and manage incidents on the road.

This intelligence aids operators in analysing and identifying bottlenecks within the network, monitoring roadworks and informing drivers of free-flowing traffic or potential congestion spots to enable them to make informed decisions on the route they take.

The Insight Journey Time Monitoring application is a flexible solution that empowers road operators to monitor the flow of traffic on their network and respond accordingly. The system can be deployed quickly to manage events, roadworks, and associated diversions, allowing you to keep road users updated with mobile Variable Message Signs.


  • Traffic speed and journey time using crowdsourced data
  • Interactive map with user definable colour-coded routes that change based on road speed
  • Feed journey time information and text to Variable Message Signs (VMS) from a single interface
  • Integrated alert system to identify journey time changes via email and dashboard
  • Extensive reporting tools with graphical output and heatmap analysis


  • Dashboard and email alerts notify changes in traffic flow reducing the need for 24×7 monitoring of roadworks for incidents or breakdowns
  • No hardware installation minimises set-up cost and road worker exposure
  • Highly flexible service enables routes to be implemented and start reporting journey times in minutes
  • Heatmaps, reports and graphs quickly identify potential pinch points
  • Graphical views provide at-a-glance analysis



Insight Parking

Insight parking is a scalable, hosted service that underpins a range of applications for parking optimisation.

Insight Parking has been designed to handle different operational roles across a multitude of locations, access to key functions and visibility of assets is controlled through a powerful permissions and roles module.

Real-time dashboards update instantly on receipt of data from sensors and signs ensuring the information presented is up-to-date and enabling informed decisions to be made. A modular approach allows operators to scale the solution as required by adding to the core occupancy and reporting tools. Additional modules are available for monitoring individual parking space availability and usage patterns from bay sensors and controlling the output of visual guidance information on Variable Messaging Signs (VMS).


  • Real-time application providing occupancy information for car parks and bays
  • Dynamic and manual operation of Variable Messaging Signs
  • Powerful roles and permissions system provides a tailored interface to a user’s role and restricts access where required
  • Cloud based web application designed for mobile first enables parking and security staff to view their site remotely and in real-time
  • Comprehensive set of web reports provide instant access to important data and the option to export to Excel for further analysis
  • Application Program Interfaces for quick and easy integration with 3rd party systems such as mobile applications


  • Event driven system ensures that key decisions can be made with the latest information available
  • Modular software and hardware solution provides multiple options to meet business needs and budgets
  • Designed for usability and multiple operational roles aids in reducing the time spent managing assets and people
  • Scalable architecture provides low cost entry point with ability to grow or large scale deployments from day one
  • Cloud based solution reduces IT support overhead and provides secure access anytime
  • Built in reports allow managers to access intelligence in various levels of granularity to meet their needs