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IRS2 Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs

Offering over 1,000m of sharp, defined delineation during the day and after dark, the IRS2 intelligent road studs are customisable, highly visible in-road lighting systems that increase lane discipline, reducing accidents and collisions at roundabouts, road intersections, crossings, crosswalks, bus interchanges, railway crossings and tunnels.

Intelligent hardwired LED road studs
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    • Up to 1000m visibility
    • Modular design / upgradeable
    • Programmable functionality
    • Profile less than 4mm
    • Integration with and activation by 3rd party traffic control devices
    • Pedestrian, cycle and motorcycle friendly
    • Switchable uni and bi-directional capability
    • Superior visibility in poor weather conditions


    • Low maintenance and running costs, with low power consumption
    • Increased road capacity and reduction in congestion when used with dynamic road marking schemes
    • Proven to help reduce lane 'drift' on spiral roundabouts
    • Highly visible and newsworthy contribution to road safety and traffic management
    • Proven increase in safety at pedestrian, railway and tram crossings
    • Heightened driver enjoyment of driving along the road

    The innovative and flexible design of the IRS2 intelligent road studs provides drivers with advance awareness of the road ahead, giving them more time to react accordingly.

    Suitable for a wide range of applications from dynamic lane marking, tunnel delineation to pedestrian crossing systems, the revolutionary IRS2 intelligent road studs are effective in all lighting conditions, making them a clear choice when it comes to improving driver awareness and behaviour on our roads and offering a demonstrable impact on road safety.

    A hardwired product, the IRS2 intelligent road studs are driven via mains power into an integrated controller unit that enables the product to be configured precisely to the user's requirement, whether that be for timed use, or for providing constant or flashing light output.

    When used in conjunction with road capacity and expansion schemes, dynamic lane marking using our IRS2 studs can increase highway capacity and reduce congestion.

    The studs have been used to successfully delineate the Hindhead Tunnel in Surrey to guide motorists through the tunnel safely and allow switchable delineation between normal and contraflow running, resulting in quicker, smoother journey times for road users.

    They have also been deployed at Sheriffhall roundabout in Edinburgh, where they are used to increase driver awareness and improve lane discipline on and off the roundabout.

    The bi-directional studs can be switched between uni and bi-directional settings and can be specified with different colours in each direction.

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