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M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System

Accurate and easy to install wireless vehicle detection system. A cost effective alternative to inductive loops suitable for a range of applications, including traffic signal control systems such as MOVA and SCOOT and for vehicle detection in MIDAS applications.

M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensor
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  • Uses 3-axis magneto-resistive wireless sensors to detect vehicle presence and movement
  • Fast and simple installation with no wires, ducting or trenching
  • Ultra-low power communications protocol with reliable two-way communications with access point
  • Universal platform for all traffic detection applications
  • Re-usable and remotely upgradeable
  • Expected 8-10 year battery life
  • Traffic light controller and MIDAS outstation manufacturer independent to ensure compatibility
  • Standard contact closure card output replicates traditional loop inputs
  • Optically isolated contact closure signals (n/c and n/o)
  • Type Approved to Highways England specification TR2512A and MCH1529 (MIDAS)
  • Use under elevated sections of motorway (MIDAS)
  • Easy user configuration and reporting using Traffic Dot (Java Application)


  • Reduced installation costs versus traditional loop technology
  • Rapid installation and deployment reduces road closures, worker exposure and traffic disruption
  • More reliable and cost effective than traditional inductive loops
  • Reduces junction maintenance costs
  • Centre lane installation maintains the integrity of the road surface
  • Depth of installation eliminates need to remove during resurfacing
  • Superior reliability and longer operational life than your average loop

The M100 wireless vehicle detection system utilises a compact magnetometer sensor that is deployed in the centre of a traffic lane at the same point at which you would install inductive loops, but without the cost, invasiveness and traffic disruption associated with the slot cutting, ducting and trenching work needed to install and maintain loops on a regular basis. Its unique design allows the vehicle detection sensor to be buried beneath the wearing course of the road up to a depth of 175mm, eliminating the need for the product to be removed from the road during resurfacing.

The vehicle detection events from the sensor are relayed back to the traffic signal controller via the system's in-built low powered two way radio communications. Despite its compact size and weight, the M100 has an impressive 8-10 year battery life. Since there's no trenching or ducting involved in the installation, the slimline profile of the magnetometer sensors means that they can be installed quickly and easily, minimising disruption to local traffic and reducing the costs of traffic management. The system is Type approved to UK specification TR2512A and approved to Highways England standard MCH1529. It is the only such system to be compatible with all types and makes of MIDAS outstations and urban traffic light systems such as SCOOT, MOVA and System D.

Constituents of the system:

1) M100 in-road wireless sensor:
- A sensitive magnetometer equipped with a low power secure radio transmitter.

2) M110 Access point:
- Maintains two way communications with the sensors and repeater units.
- Relays detection data via M120 interface card to the traffic signal controller.

3) M115 Repeater unit:
- A battery powered device that is used to extend the effective communication range and coverage between the sensors and access point if out of range of the nearest access point.

4) M120 Magnetometer contact closure card:
- A 3U-sized interface card with four detection channels that slots straight into a traffic signal controller and passes vehicle detection information from the sensors to the traffic signal controller. Download the Product Spec Sheet.

5) M150 MIDAS interface card:
- A 3U-sized interface card with four detection channels suitable for covering two lanes of motorway traffic with M100 sensors installed 4.5m apart. Compatible with all manufacturers' MIDAS outstations. Download the Product Spec Sheet.

6) TrafficDot software:
- The TrafficDot configuration management software enables real-time configuration and monitoring of system performance. The software is licence free and available for download on our resources page.

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