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M100BR Radar Bicycle Detector

The M100BR Bicycle Radar Detector has been designed to uniquely detect the presence of a bicycle within a defined zone and differentiate it from other forms of traffic. The M100BR works in conjunction with the M100 wireless vehicle detection system.

The M100BR Bicycle Radar Detector detects the presence of a cycles
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    • Works in conjunction with the M100 system
    • Specifically designed for in-road bicycle detection
    • Fast and simple in-road installation with no wires, ducting or trenching
    • Ultra-low power communications protocol with reliable two-way communications with access point
    • Re-usable and remotely upgradeable
    • Expected 8-10 year battery life
    • More durable than traditional loops
    • User definable detection zone
    • 6.3GHz wide band radar detector
    • Type Approved to Highways England specification TR2512A
    • Easy user configuration and reporting using Traffic Dot (Java Application)


    • Accurate and reliable bicycle detection that allows for integration into the traffic flow and makes cyclists visible to other traffic
    • Integrates seamlessly with an existing vehicle detection system, lowering costs by leveraging existing infrastructure and communications
    • Rapid installation and deployment reduces road closures, worker exposure and traffic disruption
    • More reliable and cost effective than traditional inductive loops
    • Superior reliability and longer operational life than your average loop
    • Does not suffer from occlusion unlike above ground technologies

    Designed for use on cycle lane approaches and at Advanced Stop Lines, the M100BR Bicycle Radar Detector integrates seamlessly with the other components of the M100 wireless vehicle detection system to enable bicycles to be detected and considered as part of the traffic flow, enabling timing and phasing of traffic signals to be adjusted to significantly enhance junction safety for cyclists, instantly increasing their visibility to other road users and ensuring fair passage for all road users.

    The M100BR sensor incorporates an extremely low power, wide-band radar with secure radio technology and sensors are installed very close to the roadway surface and are capable of detecting trains, cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians. M100BR sensors are also capable of detecting and distinguishing objects in motion from objects that are stationary and large objects from small objects.

    Software for use in conjunction with the M100BR Bicycle Radar Detector is available for download on our resources page.

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