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M210 Solar Powered Logging Stud

The innovative M210 Solar Powered Logging Stud combines solar energy, low power radio communications and magnetometer based vehicle detection to provide a cost effective standalone traffic counter whilst eliminating the need for mains power or roadside infrastructure.


  • Solar powered magnetometer sensor for detecting and counting vehicles
  • Binned vehicle count in one minute intervals
  • 1 year data storage capacity
  • 13cm diameter
  • Self-contained with no roadside cabinet, mains power or loops required
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Almost “invisible” once installed


  • Quick and easy, low cost installation, minimising road closure time, worker exposure and traffic disruption
  • Data collection trips can be scheduled around operator requirements thus saving time, money and carbon emissions
  • Renewable solar energy source and small footprint reduces environmental impact
  • Unobtrusive installation means less likely to sustain damage from road users
  • Roadside wireless connection enables safe data collection by operator teams

A cost effective, accurate and reliable, self-contained traffic counter that is ideal for temporary or permanent installations where access to real-time information is not required. Powered by solar energy harvested through the integral solar panel and stored in the internal battery, the M210 offers a robust 'fit and forget' solution that is maintenance free and can keep vehicle count data for up to one year before being retrieved. To collect the data from the device, a specially designed radio dongle can be plugged into a USB port of a laptop installed with the MLINK data download application. There is a choice of dongles to suit user's needs with a maximum range of 50m possible depending on the road configuration and local environment, allowing the user to connect easily to the device from the safety of the roadside. Through the user friendly software interface, the user can wirelessly communicate to the M210 and request data to be transmitted from the device. Typically, retrieving one week’s data takes approximately 20 seconds, whilst retrieving one month’s data will take approximately one minute.

Installation is quick and simple with the M210 installed into a 130mm diameter hole in the centre of the road. Once installed, it can count any passing vehicles, recording traffic data in one minute intervals, storing it within the unit. The M210 can even be completely buried beneath the surface and will operate for up to 4 weeks without any access to sunlight. This makes it an attractive option for traffic counting at temporary car parks for events such as music festivals or country fairs.

Local authorities: Delivers additional granularity to the comprehensive data generated by the specialised loop based counter classifiers.
Retail environments: Provides a clear historic record of vehicle movements in and out of car parks and surrounding road traffic flows.
Country parks: Gives an indication of visitor numbers.
Car park entrance and exits: Gives clarity on the number of vehicles entering and leaving the car park, and in the surrounding roads.
Events: Monitors visitor vehicle numbers at outdoor venues including show grounds, sporting events, air shows, and exhibition centres.

Software for use in conjunction with the M210 is available for download on our resources page. Step-by-step instructions for the installation of Solar Powered Logging Studs are detailed on our Installation Instructions.

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