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M300 Bay Occupancy System

The wireless occupancy detection system uses embedded in-ground sensors to detect the presence of vehicles parked over them. The system provides an accurate, lower cost and easier to install alternative to other occupancy detection systems.

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    • Dual detection from infrared & magnetometer sensors offering 98%+ accuracy in occupancy detection
    • Unobtrusive, non-invasive and robust IP68 weather resistant design
    • Surface mounted and flush mounted sensor options
    • Web based graphical data analysis about car park usage patterns via Insight platform
    • Simple integration with other control systems
    • Battery powered with five to ten years battery life (dependent on application type)
    • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +65°C)
    • Multi-hop, self-configuring, self healing mesh protocol


    • Real-time intelligence allowing for fast response to developing situations
    • Reduces driver frustration through real-time parking space guidance when linked to variable message signs
    • Drives informed decision-making about parking asset performance and user habits
    • Delivers visual intelligence to influence future capacity planning, events, marketing campaigns and activities
    • Quick and easy, low cost installation, minimising parking space closure time, worker exposure and traffic disruption
    • Superior accuracy and reliability of data compared to other occupancy detection systems
    • Flexible use in on-street, off-street surface, multi-storey and indoor parking installations

    The M300 Bay Occupancy system has been designed to accurately detect the presence of a vehicle in a defined zone such as a parking space. The M300 is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as car park bay monitoring, dynamic parking payment schemes, lorry parking applications, through to monitoring of emergency refuge areas, taxi ranks and ‘No Parking’ zones. With sensor options that can be used for both on- and off-street parking applications in surface and multi-storey car parks, the M300 wireless parking sensors offer immense versatility and can be used in almost any parking environment.

    When linked to the Insight software platform, the wireless parking sensors can provide valuable real-time and historical intelligence about a car park's use and enable operators to manage capacity to minimise user frustration. Live space availability information can also be fed from Insight directly onto tailored Variable Message Signs. As a solution, combining the M300 system with Insight and VMS signs provides users with real-time guidance information to get them into a space efficiently and effectively whilst also optimising the use of car park capacity.

    Unlike many occupancy systems that rely on overhead mounting, the M301 surface mounted sensors or M302 in-ground flush mounted sensors wirelessly transmit their detection data in real time, via secure low power radio technology, to a nearby M310 Access Point which feeds the information to Insight for analysis and display. For larger more complex installations with a larger number of detection locations or spread over a large area the M310 Access Point may be supplemented by the use of a M315 Repeater Unit.

    Both the M301 surface and M302 flush mounted sensors are packaged in small hardened plastic IP68 rated enclosures and have an operational battery life of five to ten years (dependent on application type).

    With more than 98% accuracy in occupancy detection, it yields excellent reliability, coupled to advanced low power bi-directional communications between the M301/M302 sensors and other components in the system that enables remote monitoring of the system and detector battery levels. The M300 occupancy system utilises the mesh protocol with self configuring, multi-hop communications ensuring the integrity of the system information at all times.

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