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M500 Radar Traffic Counter

When it is necessary to carry out a temporary traffic survey over an extended period of time, the M500 Radar Counter can help. Highly accurate with quick and simple installation, an auto-set up function and a long life battery makes the M500 a perfect choice.

M500 Traffic Survey Counter for temporary traffic surveys
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  • 24GHz K Band Radar for vehicle count/classification
  • Self-adjusting motorised antenna for optimal detection performance
  • Large integrated memory to store up to 1,000,000 vehicle records
  • Vehicle speed & count accuracy in excess of 98%
  • Tamper proof universal bracket and anti-theft padlock for quick, simple and secure installation
  • Fully self contained in robust IP64 enclosure
  • Internal 6V battery for up to 3 weeks' use without charge
  • Comprehensive reporting software analysis tool
  • Wireless local communications with device via Bluetooth communications


  • Its compact, lightweight footprint makes it easy, safe and quick to install
  • Reliable operation in all weather conditions
  • Reporting yields clear understanding of traffic flow patterns
  • Safe roadside data collection without the need for wired connection
  • Long life battery option allows surveys up to 30 days
  • Highly accurate speed & count performance ideal for speed surveys

The M500 is a self contained radar based vehicle count/classifier that is simple to install, and can be left to collect data for up to 30 days without any further intervention. Able to cover a single lane or two lanes and capture up to 1m vehicle movements, the M500 is an ideal non-invasive above ground solution for temporary traffic surveys, where count, speed, direction and classification data for up to 4 vehicle classes can be recorded and where the superior accuracy of a traditional loop based classifier is not required or practical.

The above ground sensor has been designed to ease the problems usually encountered in the collection of temporary traffic data. In most areas of the world, obtaining safe access to the road to install pneumatic tubes or temporary surface loops is becoming difficult, expensive and may be quite hazardous for personnel involved. Due to its unique auto-adjust positioning, and the use of Bluetooth communications, the M500 reduces the need for working at height on ladders and is therefore a great aid to roadside safety for traffic engineers.

Software for use in conjunction with the M500 is available for download on our resources page

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