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M720 Vehicle Count and Classification

The M720 vehicle count/classifier delivers unrivalled levels of accuracy and reliability in a standard 19" housing enabling flexibility for implementation as part of a traffic flow monitoring or parking solution, or where real-time communication is required and GPRS communications are impractical or unreliable.

M720 Vehicle Count and Classify System
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    • Inductive loop based count/classifier designed to fit in a standard 19" rack
    • A comprehensive range of configuration, connectivity and additional interface options
    • Simultaneous production of real time and historic information
    • Extremely low power consumption
    • Accurate vehicle algorithms to cater for vehicles straddling lanes
    • User friendly configuration and management application
    • Ethernet port for high speed communications, with GSM and GPRS communication options for remote data collection
    • Mains powered
      Seamless integration with Insight data intelligence platform
    • Wide range of report formats through the Insight software including Binned and VBV surveys


    • Superior vehicle data capture accuracy and reliability
    • Ethernet communications guarantees real-time connectivity for business critical applications
    • Savings on time and costs of installation as slots into standard rack mount roadside cabinets
    • Cost effective management through remote management and data collection
    • Insight connectivity drives simple, robust decision-making

    The big sister product to the M680, the M720 vehicle count/classifier is built shares the same architecture and design philosophy, but is housed in a standard 19" rack mountable enclosure that makes it readily slot into most roadside cabinets. Using the tried and tested high performance inductive loop technology, the M720 delivers a comprehensive range of highly accurate information about the vehicles travelling along the road.The M720 provides Ethernet based TCP/IP communications as standard allowing robust, reliable and fast communication of data and configuration to and from the unit. This ensures that operators can retrieve the vast amounts of data available quickly and reliably to support and inform instant decision-making. An internal GPRS/GSM modem and serial card are also available as options.

    Available in a variety of configurations and supporting a number of additional interface options, the M720 offers enormous flexibility from a single platform. From monitoring of a single lane traffic through to 8 lane motorways with both piezo sensors and inductive loops, the M720 delivers highly accurate, verifiable and flexible individual vehicle data including class, direction, count, speed, length, axle count, axle separation, headway and gap as well as many real time alarms relating to occupancy and flow.

    This data can be fed into the Insight platform and used in a wide range of applications including car park operations and traffic flow monitoring, supporting a number of different clients including national traffic authorities, local authorities, consultants and parking asset owners and operators. This powerful data informs real-time parking & traffic management decisions, road user guidance systems such as VMS signs as well as providing intelligence to support traffic studies in connection with congestion reduction, local traffic management plans and development proposals.

    Software for use in conjunction with the M720 is available for download on our resources page.

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