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Our innovative solutions harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

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M830 Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring System

The M830 Bluetooth traffic monitoring solution is designed to integrate with existing physical infrastructure and provide a cost-effective alternative to permanent or temporary ANPR installations for monitoring the flow of traffic along key routes.

M830 Bluetooth Journey Time Monitoring System
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  • Non-invasive, above ground bluetooth traffic monitoring system
  • Ready calculation of journey times between link points and along given routes
  • Able to differentiate between stationary, slow moving and free flowing traffic to alert operators to congestion build ups
  • Robust IP66 rated enclosure
  • Low bandwidth GPRS/GSM wireless or Ethernet wired communications
  • Ready remote configuration and data collection by the instation
  • User friendly, easy to interpret, graphical visual output from the instation
  • Can generate SMS or email alert messages based on user definable system thresholds
  • Can automate variable message sign setting on queue detection
  • Long detection range - up to 500m in both directions


  • Quick and easy non-invasive roadside installation minimises traffic disruption, costs and maximises engineer safety
  • Extremely cost effective at approx. 10% of the cost of equivalent ANPR systems
  • Automated VMS updates empower drivers with real-time journey time updates, informing choice about their onward journey
  • Highly visual user interface flags up changes in traffic patterns, enabling operators to deliver an immediate response to developing situations

At around one tenth of the cost of an equivalent traditional Automatic Number Plate Recognition based solution, the M830 Bluetooth traffic monitoring system provides a low cost, simple to deploy solution to record and analyse journey time, origin and destination and speed traffic data. As an above ground detection device, the M830 is non-invasive needing no in-road installation, making it extremely quick and simple to install using existing street furniture, such as lighting columns.

The M830 Bluetooth traffic monitoring units work by detecting the unique MAC address of Bluetooth devices, such as mobile phones, car hand-free kits, satellite navigation systems and laptops that are in vehicles passing the defined detection zones (up to 500m in both directions) of the M830's powerful antenna and uses this data to monitor their entry and exit times through the zones. The encrypted MAC address data (fully Data Protection Act compliant) can then be transmitted from the M830 detectors via GPRS or cabled ethernet TCP/IP connection to a central server and its database. The MAC addresses from the M830 detectors at known locations and distances apart are then matched enabling key traffic flow information to be calculated including: true queue detection, journey times and flow characterisation.

Using this entry and exit time data the system can provide users with key outputs such as: link-link journey tracking, average speed/journey time, UTMC journey time input, route discovery and journey trend data. This data can be used to relay journey time intelligence on strategically placed VMS signs to inform drivers of likely journey times to a given point, enabling them to make informed decisions about their onward journey.

The M830’s instation provides user friendly graphical tools to simplify the interpretation and monitoring of prevailing traffic flow conditions reported by the M830 Bluetooth traffic monitoring devices at the roadside and is able to differentiate between static, very slow, slow, moderately free flowing and free flowing traffic and well as indicate the volume of traffic falling into each speed category. This intelligence has proven critical in helping road operators to identify traffic build-ups early, before they turn into major congestion situations and enabling them to deploy preventative traffic management measures to calm, divert or spread the traffic load more evenly across the local network.

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