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MtPole Solar Panel Roadside Cabinet

Installing traffic sensor technology at the roadside can be expensive and time consuming due to the costs of providing mains power and communications infrastructure in remote locations. The MtPole overcomes this, providing secure robust housing for equipment and a reliable feed of solar energy from an integrated solar panel.


  • Vandal & theft resistant roadside cabinet and solar panel
  • Hinged base for simplified installation and safer maintenance
  • Optional cantilever arm available
  • 20 and 30 watt solar panel options
  • Self cleaning tempered glass solar panel covering


  • Environmentally friendly, low cost and reliable power supply even during winter months
  • Enables traffic monitoring sensors to be deployed in remote locations where access to mains power is impractical or inappropriate
  • Sustainable, free off-grid energy
  • Provides secure housing and safer, more cost effective maintenance
  • Visually friendly, low impact styling makes it suitable for urban and rural areas
  • Reliable communications through improved GSM/GPRS signal strength

The MtPole features a vandal resistant lockable roadside cabinet combined with a high efficiency 20 or 30 watt solar panel that is mounted high up on the pole. The tough roadside solar panel uses self-cleaning tempered glass to avoid dirt affecting the panel's efficiency and the solar cells are coated in anti-reflective material to avoid potentially hazardous reflections in the drivers' line of sight. Its rugged, moulded design makes it tamper proof and unattractive to theft or vandalism. Yet it can be turned through a full 360° without needing to re-position the base to enable the panel to always face south to optimise conditions for harnessing solar energy from the sun throughout the year. Integrated into the solar panel is a GSM/GPRS aerial to maximise signal strength, coverage and data throughput.

The specially designed hinged base makes for quick installation and easy maintenance without the need for ladders, allowing all sensors to be installed on shelves within the base cabinet for increased safety and convenience. Attractively finished in matt olive green, the MtPole seamlessly blends into the environment in city streets as well as it does in rural areas.

Further flexibility is offered by an optional 1.5 metre cantilever arm that allows additional sensors or cameras to be located closer to the line of traffic flow at difficult sites. The complete pole and solar panel system has been approved in accordance with BD26/04 and BD94/07 to ensure it means stringent safety guidelines for roadside operations and maintenance.

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