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Connex Active: Pedestrian and Bicycle Classifier

An accurate real-time count and classifier for active travel detection and analysis, utilising the latest LIDAR technologies to provide a non-invasive detection and classification solution for pedestrians and bicycles.


  • 95% pedestrian and bicycle classification with direction
  • 98% pedestrian and bicycle detection with direction
  • Integrated real-time communications
  • Integrated general-purpose input/output
  • Solar, power over ethernet or mains powered
  • Data Integration with Insight but data also available to third parties
  • Detection up to 7m from the counter
  • Virtual lanes to detect adherence to pedestrian and cycle lane designation


  • Real-time communications provide instant data on pedestrian and bicycle users to understand the potential impact on services and infrastructure.
  • Sustainable solar-powered classifier with integrated communications provides the ideal off-grid solution, enabling deployment in rural areas and reducing the costs of provisioning power.
  • Automated data retrieval, monitoring and reporting through Insight provides an easy to use platform for maintenance and analysis.
  • Integrated general-purpose input and output enables the solution to be used to trigger external systems such as Vehicle Activated Signs for safety schemes.
  • Non-invasive detection reduces installation costs compared to loop/piezo solutions and removes the risk of damage caused by pavement repairs and works by services.

The Connex Active is an accurate real-time Pedestrian and Bicycle Classifier for active travel detection and analysis. It utilises the latest LIDAR technologies to provide a non-invasive detection and classification solution for pedestrians and bicycles.

Designed for permanent use alongside foot and cycle paths as a solar or mains powered solution within a single unit. The detection range is configurable up to 7 metres without the need for an additional receiver unit as seen in traditional solutions of this type.

The use of LIDAR technology enables the creation of virtual lanes based on the distance of the object detected, this can be used to understand if potential conflicts are occurring on segregated pedestrian and cycle paths.

An optional 4G or ethernet communications module provides the ability to deliver real-time or scheduled data to Clearview’s Insight® Data Management platform or to any other system using open standards data formats and protocols.

The integrated contact closure and logic controller means the unit can be used for active travel safety schemes and data collection all in a single solution.


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