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SolarLite S Series Surface Studs

Smart, safe and sustainable surface mounted solar road stud. Proven to increase night time road safety. Providing a view of the road layout ahead, in the driver's natural line of vision, well beyond the headlight beam of a vehicle.


  • Surface mounted Active Road Stud providing up to 900m of visibility from high intensity LEDs
  • Totally sustainable harnessing free solar energy from built-in solar panel
  • Superior solar energy harvesting & storage electronics designed to maintain light outputs throughout a full annual cycle
  • Use where street lighting is either unavailable, not cost effective or environmentally not possible
  • Ideal for all edge of carriageway applications
  • Additional retro-reflectivity from prismatic corner cube reflectors
  • Matrix type base to enhance the anchoring of the stud to the road surface
  • Full range of colour options for all delineation use including amber, red, white or green


  • Superior distance visibility of road layout ahead compared to retro-reflective studs
  • Reliable all night, all year round performance
  • Lower lifetime costs than traditional road markings
  • Long lasting, carefree operation
  • Maintains superior visibility even in poor weather conditions and on wet roads
  • Decreases night time accidents by over 70%
  • Enhances driving experience, making drivers feel safer and more able to travel at night
  • Highly impactful and politically visible contribution towards reducing road safety fears
  • Effective additional driver safety tool when used in conjunction with street light reduction schemes

Conventional retro-reflective surface mounted studs are a false economy. Relying solely on the effectiveness of the vehicle's headlight beam and the ability of the product to reflect some of that light back in the line of sight of the driver means at best they normally give only around 90m visibility.

By contrast, our SolarLite S Series Active Road Studs combine the use of retro-reflective strips with in-built high intensity LEDs powered by harnessing free solar energy, resulting in a solution that delivers 10x greater visibility of the layout of the road ahead, so up to 900m. This increases the available time to scope out the road ahead, enabling you to adjust your behaviour to the driving conditions ahead. Even in poor weather conditions, where other road markings become less visible, SolarLite surface road studs continue to shine through, guiding you safely.

Just a few hours of daylight will provide enough battery power to last days - more than enough to ensure the system operates all year round whatever the weather and wherever the location in the world.

They have been deployed extensively across the globe for edge delineation and have been proven to reduce night-time road accidents by over 70% at UK installation sites.

The SolarLite surface studs are ideal for use in locations where enhanced delineation is required but flush mounting may not be possible.

The SolarLite S Series is fully Type Approved by the United Kingdom Department for Transport and holds a Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance. See our installation instructions for a step-by-step guide on how to install the studs.

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