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Let drivers see 10x further in the dark

Far fewer miles are driven at night, yet its when more than half of all traffic deaths occur. People driving at night are more likely to be tired and are much less able to see the world around them.

It follows that these dangers can be reduced by installing extra lighting and visual guidance, but this may not always be possible through traditional street lighting methods. Our SolarLite active road studs provide up to 900m of visibility from high intensity LEDs.

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SolarLite F Series Flush Road Studs

SolarLite solar powered road studs are proven to increase night time road safety by providing up to 900m of visibility.

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A1 Scotland Delineation Case Study

Find out how we improved junction safety on the A1 in Scotland through enhanced delineation.

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Helping cyclists stay safe this spring

Understand how Active Road Studs can be applied to paths and cycleways as well as roads.

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