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Maintaining social distancing is a key message in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. For a long time, it will be essential to keep the right distance and avoid close proximity at work and social gatherings.

SafeSpace Social Distancing solution is a suite of intelligent wearable devices developed by our partners LociLabs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which can be given to anyone in your working environment. They are provided in the form of wearables which are small, rechargeable devices used to passively and anonymously determine an individual’s proximity, frequency and dwell time to our other devices. Information can be gathered from each device on it’s respective ‘contact’ event information which can then be accessed via our SafeSpace Cloud Dashboard which provides a full traceable Contact Tracing facility.


Warning and contact signals

SafeSpace devices use UWB radio-based technology to accurately measure the time of flight (ToF) of radio signals between units to provide highly accurate measurements and trigger audible, visual, or vibrating alerts when a distance of less than 2 meters (can be configured) is detected. The alerts provide real-time feedback to the user until a safe distance of greater than 2 meters is re-established.

The tags are highly accurate compared to other wireless systems such as Bluetooth, ZigBee radios due to low latency, lack of interference with Wi-Fi, and its resistance to multipath signal interference from materials like concrete, metal, and water (people).

Track and Tracing

With the help of the SafeSpace Access point, all the interaction data generated by the SafeSpace contact tracing wearables is recorded in a browser-based dashboard to provide comprehensive, intuitive feedback on interactions and enable fast notification of at-risk individuals in the event of a symptomatic user.

SafeSpace Overview

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