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Parking solutions for Corporate Head Offices

Providing car parking facilities to your employees can create the unfortunate issue of capacity and availability frustration. Even spending an extra 5 minutes every day (over an hour and a half every month) searching for a space will have productivity impacts. Our Intelligent Parking Solutions can guide your employees and visitors towards the nearest available space, saving them time and frustration. Employees will arrive at work in the best frame of mind and visitors are given a great first impression of your company.

Actively managing your workplace parking will allow you to engage employees before they even walk through the door. Companies where employees feel valued, looked after, and empowered to do their jobs see huge advantages in productivity in comparison to those where staff are frustrated. It is no wonder that investment in employee engagement initiatives such as improved workstations and canteens remains high. We can help you to achieve such engagement by optimising your workplace car park.

Our workplace parking solutions provide full visibility on the use of the car park so that you can understand peak times and capacity issues. The combination of our vehicle count systems, parking bay sensors and variable messaging signs mean you can guide staff directly to the nearest available space. This allows them to get on with their day with one less thing to worry about. Furthermore, the intelligence gleaned from our monitoring systems allows you to make strategic decisions to make your facilities function more effectively. Perhaps you have sufficient car parking bays, but peak times morning and evening are causing employees to queue to enter and exit the car park. You could invest in additional car parking spaces, but perhaps flexible working hours could resolve the same issue. Our system can answer such questions and could save you investing in unnecessary infrastructure.

“Clearview worked in partnership with us and our other stakeholders during each stage of the design and installation process, with good communications throughout.”

Andrew Lyle
Senior Project Manager, UK Critical National Infrastructure & Projects Department
National Grid Corporate Property

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