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We know safety is paramount in the rail sector. You need to keep your travellers safe and ensure the safety of those using the roads that intersect your network. Level crossings need to be highly visible to avoid accidents and near misses. Similarly, clear guidance of foot traffic in busy stations and on platforms is key to keeping stations operating safely and efficiently. Our Railway Platform specification provides further details on how we keep passengers safe on platforms. 

Our solar powered studs have been used to reduce accidents at level crossings by drawing the driver’s attention to the crossing, especially in the hours of darkness. The same technology is in use where pedestrians and cyclists need to cross at a level crossing. The solar powered studs can effectively delineate where it is safe for users to cross and focus their attention on the crossing. Heightening attention to level crossings in this way reduces the risk of incident.

Beyond improving safety, we can help you to increase user satisfaction for passengers reaching your station by car. Our car park monitoring systems allow you to guide users towards the nearest available space. This will delight users and reduce congestion around your train station by ensuring users find a space quickly, without circling the train station car park for 10 minutes. The intelligence provided by our system also allows you to manage your car park more efficiently. For example, by alerting you to vehicles overstaying the maximum dwell time in drop off areas and highlighting misuse of the train station car park.

“In reference to the installation of our SolarLite studs on a busy platform: Will assist in keeping our customers away from the platform edge. ”

Colin MacConnachie
Customer Services South East
Abellio Greater Anglia

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