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Our innovative solutions harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

Working for a broad range of government, local authorities and private companies our solutions can be applied to many industries, organisations, and sectors.

We create intelligent solutions that make journeys work.

Shopping Centres
and Retail Parks

Shopping Centre / Retail car parking

First impressions count! Getting shoppers into your retail space in a positive and relaxed frame of mind will contribute towards a happy shopping experience. Increase shopper satisfaction by actively managing your car park with our solutions monitoring availability and providing guidance to the nearest available space. Unhappy shoppers, on average, spend less than happy shoppers. Actively managing the shopping centre car park is an effective way to ensure shoppers are happy and relaxed right from the beginning of their shopping experience.

The benefits of optimising your shopping centre car park extend beyond increasing shopper happiness. Our Insight software will provide real-time and periodic reporting on utilisation rates and time spent on site to the operator of your car park. This intelligence will indicate if vehicles are overstaying the time limit and highlight unexpected usage patterns, so you know if your car park is being used by people other than those shopping with you and you are empowered to take corrective action. Similarly, insights derived from information on dwell time can allow retailers to identify usage patterns and tailor staffing and point of sale material accordingly. In this way shoppers, retailers and car park operators all benefit.    

Case Studies

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