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SolarLite Active Road Studs vs traditional retro-reflective road studs

Active road studs harness solar energy to power LEDs that allow drivers to see the road ahead beyond their headlight beam. Compared to traditional retro-reflective road studs drivers can see ten times further on a road with active road studs. This gives a driver ten times longer to respond to a change on the road ahead, which reduces erratic driving behaviour. SolarLite Active Road Studs have been proven to reduce accidents by over 70 percent. The following CGI videos show the performance of the SolarLite and reflective studs in four different conditions, with a split screen offering a like-for-like comparison in each scenario.

These videos show the effectiveness of active road studs in improving visibility for drivers after dark. Over 40 percent of road deaths occur after dark. This means that measures specifically targeting night-time driving can significantly reduce the number of people killed and injured on the road network. See our infographic on reducing night-time accidents for further information on the benefits of enhanced delineation.

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