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At Clearview, we pride ourselves on our ability to combine technologies, both our own Insight and Connex platforms and that of third parties, to create solutions to the challenges faced by our clients across the highways and transport sector.

From our collaborative approach to our open APIs, we will work with you to help you deliver your schemes effectively, safely, and efficiently with careful consideration to both end customer needs and the impact on the environment.

If you have a challenge that is not met by the solutions below then please feel free to contact us as we love to innovate.

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Deliver better places for people to live, work & play

What is Smart Mobility? We might say that it is an ecosystem made up of a large number of parts that deliver safer, more accessible, environmentally friendly and sustainable, intelligent and connected transport systems that are both efficient and effective.

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Technology to inform, advise & protect

Investment in active travel has increased significantly over the last few years as the UK government looks to fund alternative modes of travel so we become less reliant on the car and find ways of decarbonising our highway and transport network.

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Data & analysis to enable informed decisions

While alternative modes of travel are becoming more popular, the car will continue to dominate most people’s daily travel in the immediate future. Recently the UK has seen the highest number of HGVs on our roads for 30 years, therefore understanding and managing the flow of traffic around the strategic, urban and rural networks is crucial to combatting congestion and ensuring the safety of all road users.

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Guiding all road users effectively & efficiently

Effective delineation can deliver improved safety across our networks. From the centre or at the edges of carriageways to junctions, roundabouts, cycleways, footpaths and level crossings. The use of active road studs can influence the way people drive by improving alignment awareness and understanding of road width - helping their driving position on the road - keeping them centred.

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Technology to help to protect & save lives

Road hazards come in many shapes and forms. Where we are driving makes a big difference to the types of road hazards that we can expect to see and also look to manage. We recognise that residential areas differ from rural areas, motorways differ to urban environments, however the one thing road hazards have in common is the risk to road users which can often be identified, warnings provided, and road safety improved.

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Smart Parking to save time & money

The typical driver spends over 100 days of their life searching for a parking space, time that could be spent elsewhere: with family and friends, running errands, shopping, working, starting meetings on schedule… The hunt for a parking space can be stressful and put people off shopping or visiting certain places.

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Key to developing safer & healthier places

Environmental monitoring can help us to understand environmental trends, identify variations, understand where changes are needed, inform and advise road users (through outputs to variable message signs for example), determine the success of our schemes and confirm whether or not environmental goals have been achieved.

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