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Active Travel

Investment in active travel has increased significantly over the last few years as the UK government looks to fund alternative modes of travel so we become less reliant on the car and find ways of decarbonising our highway and transport network.

To create and sustain high levels of cycling and walking, we need infrastructure that helps people to feel informed, comfortable, and safe. Physical infrastructure, such as barriers and bollards, have been implemented in many areas. Road markings and static signs also have their place. However, technology can take the user experience to another level, increase safety for all and help transport authorities to make data-driven decisions and in some cases, help prioritise cyclists and pedestrians, at junctions for example.

Clearview has been developing solutions that inform decision makers and create safe environments for more permanent walking and cycling infrastructure. Our active travel proposition is centred around two technology platforms – the Insight Smart Mobility Platform and the Connex Modular Hardware Platform that provide the ‘common architecture’ for solutions such as cycle detection, sensors, count and classification and active road studs.

To become less reliant on the car, we need to feel informed, comfortable & safe when walking, cycling or traveling on public transport.

Count and Classification of Cyclists and Pedestrians

The new level of investment in active travel means that our customers need to have a more accurate understanding of how and why people are cycling and walking more and where they are doing this.

Encourage active travel by lighting up the path so that pedestrians and cyclists can use the pathway year-round and at all times of the day.

Ensuring safety for all users of the road network is of the highest priority to operators. Where a controlled pedestrian crossing is not viable, our solution can help you to keep vulnerable road users safe.

Making sure that cyclists are recognised, and that traffic flows are adjusted to account for their presence, is key to keeping cyclists safe at busy traffic interchanges.

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