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Count and Classification of Cyclists and Pedestrians

Count and Classification

The new level of investment in active travel means that our customers need to have a more accurate understanding of how and why people are cycling and walking more and where they are doing this.

Understanding who is using the transport infrastructure in a particular area and how they are using it helps transport planners and managers to improve network accessibility, usability and safety.

Monitoring the use of active travel infrastructure can also support further improvement and the addition of technology that can advise and inform the end user, such as automatically triggering Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) to improve for example.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time communications provide instant data on pedestrian and bicycle users to understand the potential impact on services and infrastructure.
  • Sustainable solar powered classifier with integrated communications provides the ideal off-grid solution enabling deployment in rural areas and reducing the costs of provisioning power.
  • Automated data retrieval, monitoring and reporting through Insight provides an easy-to-use platform for maintenance and analysis.
  • Non-invasive detection reduces installation costs compared to loop/piezo solutions and removes the risk of damage caused by pavement repairs and works by services

Count & Classification Products