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All-Weather Lane Marking

Lighting the way

Our roads are maintained to ensure a safe driving experience, but when visibility is low at night or due to poor weather conditions, some road lane marking can be almost invisible. Strong visual guidance for drivers is key to improving their driving behaviour and ensuring a safe, positive driving experience - Clearview Intelligence has the solution.

Active road studs illuminate the road to improve road safety

Enhance Safety

Safety on our roads is important to both road operators and drivers alike. The latest safety innovations are high on the agenda for road operators, from Highways England to local authority road safety officers, particularly in areas where there is a heightened risk of accidents.

The safety risk of any road depends on many elements but includes the road layout, the surrounding landscape and the weather. When planning road safety measures, it's critical to account for and mitigate such risks.

Clearview Intelligence active road marking solutions deliver road layout information in the driver's natural line of sight. In cutting through difficult, low-visibility weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog or mist, our solution significantly increases the reaction time available to the driver, simply by illuminating the road further ahead.

This advanced warning helps drivers to anticipate what's coming up and react in a safe and controlled manner, reducing the likelihood of an incident.

Transform Behaviour

To influence driver behaviour, it's important to implement road solutions which provide feedback: information that drivers can use to their advantage. Road operators that enhance the driving experience can expect to see improved, more consistent driving behaviour, leading to a safer road environment overall.

We've helped many road operators and local authorities to help encourage behavioural change with bespoke solutions. These range from better ways of guiding drivers around spiral roundabouts to reduce lane drift to innovative, highly visible hazard warning solutions which alert and slow road users as they approach built-up areas or hazardous junctions.

Our preventative solutions are highly effective, positively influencing the way road users behave at such locations, giving them plenty of time to react in a controlled way that ensures traffic keeps flowing without incident.

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