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Cycle Detection

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We believe that cyclist safety is a hugely important consideration; one that road planners should always have on their agenda when roads are busier than ever. It's a balancing act to provide cycleways and cyclist-safe road junctions that work for everyone. We've got the technology to help you achieve that balance: monitoring kit that can detect and account for cycles..

Detecting cyclists improved cyclist safety on the road

Enhance Safety

Making sure that cyclists are recognised, and that traffic flows are adjusted to account for their presence, is key to keeping cyclists safe at busy traffic interchanges. Our cycle detection solution detects cycles as part of complete traffic flows and feeds this intelligence directly into traffic signal control systems. Timing and phasing of traffic signals can be adjusted accordingly, significantly enhancing junction safety. This makes cyclists visible to other traffic and ensures safe, fair passage for all road users.

Transform Behaviour

One of the most common locations for incidents involving cyclists is at or near junctions. These stem from two main causes: other road users who are unaware of cyclists on the junction, and cyclists taking unnecessary risks because they feel that they are not being seen and given right of way.

One way to change this behaviour, and improve cyclist safety at junctions, is to make cyclists visible to traffic signal control systems. Our solution detects the presence of cyclists either on the approach or at advanced stop lines. This intelligence directly informs the traffic signal control system, which either activates an advanced green light just for the cyclist or extends the green light phase, to make sure the cyclist has time to cross the junction safely.

These changes make other road users aware of the cyclists on the junction, hopefully ensuring more caution. Equally cyclists, now accounted for in the traffic signal control system, modify their behaviour and wait for their turn to cross, knowing that the green phase will be long enough to do so safely. Modifying the behaviour of all road users in this way makes the junctions flow better and reduces the likelihood of an incident, averting potential injury and further disruption.

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