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Data Services

For over 50 years Clearview have designed and developed products and solutions for the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of data related to transportation and traffic management. These services are crucial for enhancing the efficiency, safety and sustainability of transportation networks. They leverage a variety of data sources, including sensors on roads, connected vehicle data, computer vision systems and more, to provide actionable insights and facilitate intelligent decision-making.

Our services cater for the traditional count and classify applications through to multi-modal analysis and smart mobility solutions whith the addition of parking an environmental monitoring. We leverage a combination of our own technologies, such as our Insight and Connex platforms, along with third-party products to address the challenges faced by clients.

Data and analysis that helps road operators make informed decisions & keep traffic flowing.

It's our mission to help you make journeys work

What is Smart Mobility? We might say that it is an ecosystem made up of a large number of parts that deliver safer, more accessible, environmentally friendly and sustainable, intelligent and connected transport systems that are both efficient and effective.

Traffic flow monitoring solutions provide data and analysis to help traffic managers and road maintenance contractors improve their network operation. Allowing road users to make informed decisions on faster and more reliable journeys.

Congestion and its economic impact is one of the biggest challenges on our road networks today. Journey time monitoring across an integrated road network enables traffic managers to spot potential traffic build-up.

Investment in active travel has increased significantly over the last few years as the UK government looks to fund alternative modes of travel so we become less reliant on the car and find ways of decarbonising our highway and transport network.

The typical driver spends over 100 days of their life searching for a parking space, time that could be spent elsewhere: with family and friends, running errands, shopping, working, starting meetings on schedule… The hunt for a parking space can be stressful and put people off shopping or visiting certain places.

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