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Cycle and Footpath Guidance

Encourage active travel by lighting up the path so that pedestrians and cyclists can use the pathway year-round and at all times of the day.

If you have already invested in dedicated footpaths and segregated cycle lanes, or have secured funding for this infrastructure, you will want to make sure it is used as much as possible. But without adequate lighting, cyclists and pedestrians will retreat to their cars in winter and at night.

Street lighting is not always an option. Concerns about light pollution, or difficulties getting power to the streetlighting mean it is not always suitable. By contrast, our solar-powered pathway lighting systems are used to great effect to outline the edges of the path. The safe pathway is highly visible to users, making them feel safer and more certain of their footing, without affecting the ambient light in the surrounding area.

Key Benefits

  • Low cost solution with no ongoing operational or maintenance costs
  • Clear guidance for pedestrians and cyclists, clearly showing the edges of the path so they do not drift from it
  • Reliable light source without contributing to light pollution


SolarLite Studs

Cycle and Footpath Guidance Products


The lights on the canal towpath allow our walking group to safely walk throughout the year, even in the dark winter months. They are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Linda Malcolm
Stirling, Falkirk and District Ramblers