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Dynamic Lane Marking System

Ensuring an efficient and safe flow across roundabouts and junctions provides economic benefits as well as saving lives. While redesigning a roundabout or junction with a high accident rate may not always be possible, changing driver behaviour is.

Our Intelligent Road Studs are a very effective way to guide drivers and help them navigate challenging sections of the network. These road studs are hardwired, and mains powered, meaning they can be switched on or off or configured to suit your needs.

For example, synchronising intelligent road studs with traffic signals means they can be turned on and off in coordination with the signals to guide drivers around busy roundabouts, or they can be controlled manually for use in contraflow systems and in and around tunnels.

Key Benefits

  • Bright lights providing up to 1000m of visibility, which serves as a very clear guide and is proven to help drivers stay in lane.
  • Highly cost-effective compared to a junction redesign or bypass
  • Reduced congestion either through fewer accidents or increasing capacity through contraflow systems


Intelligent Road Studs

Dynamic Lane Marking System Products


The Intelligent Road Studs are a product we have used before, but not at a motorway to motorway junction and not in the north west region. Connecting the studs to the traffic signals is a first for Highways England and we’ve found this innovative use of them to be a very effective way of guiding drivers, helping them stay in the correct lane and so avoiding the risk of a collision.

Phil Tyrrell
Service Delivery Manger
Highways England