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Level Crossing Safety System

It’s vital that level crossings are kept clear of hazards as trains approach. Road users can be unfamiliar with level crossing locations so it is important to highlight the potential dangers to ensure that they cross the line at the right point, and only when it is safe to do so.

Our solutions enable you to improve level crossing safety by providing a highly visible warning of the level crossing on approach, good lighting of the surrounding area, illuminated signage and clear delineation of the area in which it is safe to cross the railway line. This visual intelligence heightens awareness to pedestrians, cyclists and road users alike. And being solar-powered, Clearview Intelligence level crossing safety solutions are perfect for remote areas, or any location in which access to mains electricity is difficult or impossible.

Key Benefits

  • Clear guidance for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians showing where the level crossing is and where is it safe to cross
  • Reliable light source without contributing to light pollution
  • Low profile of less than 4mm, providing no trip hazard in what can be a high-risk area for pedestrians


SolarLite Studs

Level Crossing Safety System Products


The effectiveness of the pedeSOLAR solution is testament to the collaborative partnership between STRAIL (UK), Kraiburg, and Clearview Intelligence. Combining Clearview’s expertise in developing smart, sustainable lighting for transport applications with our vast experience in creating safe, reliable level crossings for the rail sector, we have succeeded in producing a unique and reliable solution to improve safety and visibility for rail crossing users.

Gordon Finlayson