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Dynamic Lane Marking

Timing is everything

For road operators faced with daily challenges of heavy road use and congestion, it's imperative to manage available capacity proactively. With the right intelligence, you can recognise when congestion is likely or starting to build, and act promptly. Invoke contraflow lanes, use hard shoulders or add lanes, keeping traffic flowing and accidents to a minimum.

Reduce lane transgression through dynamic lane road markings

Transform Behaviour

The ability to influence driver behaviour by filtering traffic through alternative routes or lanes is crucial to maintaining a smooth flow of traffic. Safe and speedy changes to lanes and traffic flow help peak-time drivers to make hassle-free journeys every day on many of the UK's artery roads.

Our intelligent road studs can be fully integrated with variable message signage. They create an unobtrusive line of communication to drivers: flagging up changes, informing decisions and enabling new courses of action. We provide operators with the tools they need to ensure efficient use of the road system, whatever the time of day.

Reduce Congestion

Reducing congestion and keeping peak-time traffic flowing is a major challenge for road operators to solve. And as traffic numbers increase the challenge requires ever more innovative real-time management in developing situations.

We understand that operators need to be able to spot congestion (or its precursors) and react in a timely manner, with solutions that adjust system capacity. This could include reversing lane direction, diverting traffic to other lanes or onto contraflow lane systems, using the hard shoulder or introducing additional lanes. Our intelligent road studs can be deployed to provide clear road marking guidance to drivers, coupled with the ability to change direction and colour to indicate a change in use of lane or traffic flows.

Managing traffic in this way enables you to smooth traffic flow and minimise disruption at peak times, in response to incidents or during planned maintenance works.

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