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Enhance Safety: first and foremost

It's more important than anything for journeys to be safe. Our solutions have an excellent track record for improving safety and preventing incidents on the road. We're helping to enhance safety in locations across the UK and around the world, from level crossings to spiral roundabouts and staggered junctions.

Our lane marking solutions provide up to 10x greater visibility compared to traditional retro-reflective cat’s eyes. This extra visibility provides drivers with more time to react, thus reducing the number and severity of incidents. The same active stud technology is used to light the way for cyclists and pedestrians along towpaths, footpaths and cycle routes, encouraging a greater feeling of safety and year round use.

With our hardwired active stud solutions, we can provide simple and effective solutions to complex challenges. For example, our solutions improve hazard perception and speed compliance at staggered junctions, highlighting the approach and providing crossing demarcation on level crossings and preventing lane transgression on spiral roundabouts or unlit sections of carriageway.

Our advanced wireless bicycle detection technology makes cyclists visible to the traffic signal infrastructure and other road users at junctions, giving them additional time to cross a junction safely or allowing them their own phase without having to compete with or be in fear of HGVs. Combined with our wireless vehicle detection technology, you have a complete picture of the demand at junctions on your network and can quickly respond to build ups of traffic by changing the phasing on your adaptive system, minimising disruption and keeping users safe on the road.

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