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Environmental monitoring offers a means of measuring and monitoring the state of the environment, its natural changes (weather for example) and the impact that our activity could have on air quality.

Environmental monitoring can help us to understand environmental trends, identify variations, understand where changes are needed, inform and advise road users (through outputs to variable message signs for example), determine the success of our schemes and confirm whether or not environmental goals have been achieved.

Air quality monitoring is particularly key as pollutants in the air not only affect the environment but also the health of the population which in turn costs the NHS a significant amount each year with coronary heart disease, strokes, lung cancer and child asthma all strongly associated with air pollution. Clean air is simply a requirement if we are to live healthily. As such, we now specific schemes being developed and implemented such as Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and a focus on improving traffic and parking around schools.

Monitoring the impact of the weather on our road networks is also useful in order to target gritters, for example, or inform and advise road users of flooding or ice.

At Clearview, we work with a number of third parties who provide sensors to measure a wide variety of environmental elements from air quality to road temperature.

As we strive to create safer and healthier environments for all road and transport users, environmental monitoring will become an essential part of making sure we achieve this goal.

Environmental monitoring is key to the development of safer and healthier places to live, work & play

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