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Queue Protection System


Detecting queueing traffic and pinpointing where the queue extends to means that approaching drivers can be given specific warnings via vehicle activated signs (VAS).

The combination of queue detection with VAS highlights the upcoming hazard to drivers approaching the area and gives them the opportunity to react earlier to traffic congestion on either an upcoming exit slip road or the road ahead.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic warnings capture drivers attention, reducing the risk of accidents
  • Early warning of congestion allows drivers to use alternative routes, so minimising any further congestion
  • Understand the extent of queues on your network to inform future decision making


Vehicle Activated Dynamic Queue Warning

Queue Protection System Products


Working with Clearview allows us to produce site specific solutions to problems. Having used them on several schemes in the recent past they are part of the team. This scheme will provide a solution to a high risk problem, giving drivers live information of the formation of the queue allowing them to take appropriate action, reducing the risk of any collisions.

Vincent Tait
Road Safety Manager
Scotland TranServ