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Speed Compliance System

Exceeding the speed limit is one of the most commonly cited factors when road accidents are reported. If you can increase speed compliance, it follows that you will improve safety for customers on your network.

Intelligent vehicle activated signs are a highly effective way of increasing speed compliance. Our speed limit reminders and slow down messages are only displayed when needed. This means drivers pay greater attention to them and are more likely to change their behaviour.

Combining vehicle activated signs with vehicle detection and classification further increases the relevance of warnings to drivers. This could be presenting drivers of HGVs with a warning at lower speeds to reflect their speed limits or warning drivers that they are approaching a sharp bend too quickly.

Where all else fails we can help you to combine speed detection with a signalised junction so that speeding drivers can be brought to a stop, thus forcing them to slow down.

Key Benefits

  • Lower cost solution compared to speed cameras in both initial set up and maintenance
  • Solar-powered solutions for deployment in locations without access to mains power which is more environmentally friendly
  • Flexible solution that allows for warnings specific to the situation on the road to increase the behaviour change further
  • Highly visible action to a common local issue that can help to ease residents’ concerns


Speed Compliance System

Speed Compliance System Products


Clearview Intelligence and Scotland TranServ have a strong track record of partnership working to improve road safety, so when we were looking to tackle the issue of encouraging speed compliance on the A75, we were confident that they could help us to deliver an effective and robust solution. The final design is replicable and can be deployed in a variety of locations, even in the absence of mains power in remote areas.

Vincent Tait
Road Safety Manager
Scotland TranServ